Product features of heating bath water heater

2019-11-07 weinet 2

Our gas boiler was designed after compare the boilers from Japan, Korea, Europe, then based on our Chinese condition, we develop our own unique gas boiler, basic principle is SAFE + RELIABLE +ECONOMIC.

1.   European type structure

 With heating and shower, built in expansion tank, product dimension and main components are similar to European boilers

2. Fan system

 We use two speed fan, so fan runs at low speed when ignition time which will get more reliable sparking, and high speed when at high flame, more economic energy consumption 

3. Main heat exchanger

 Main material is copper which guarantee high efficiency, and with reliable soldering technical , also provided long life time of exchanger. 

4. Burner

With stainless steel material, Transverse ejection slot type design, so flame height is low, less heat radiation, keep long

long life time of burner

5. Gas valve

We use gas proportion gas valve with two switch valve and one modulation valve, more safety and sensitive on temp. control.

6. Pump

The pump we selected is the main model of hot water pump, with auto air release valve and ceramic axle, less running resistance with no noise. Pump life time is more 100,000 hours.

7. heating system safety control

We use two temp. sensor and one thermal switch for over heat protection, by this two sensor, we could solve the problem of blocked pump created risk also, so can provide more safety heating.

8. Shower system control

With water flow sensor and sensitive temp. sensor which directly contact with water, could offer more fast and accurate temp. control, and the water flow sensor is designed to be very easier for open and clean, easy solve water flow block problem.

9. controller system

The controller system is the key for the whole gas boiler unit, by using imported chip from USA, and after very careful marketing investigation , we develop our own unique boiler control system, 

a. heating load adjustment 

our system could provide auto temp. adjustment as per heat load.

b. with 4 times working program and connector with room thermostat

by 4 times working program, user’s could set up 4 different working time at different working temp. at a day , so could avoid gas over consumption and at same time keep house be warm. Meanwhile, it’s also able to connect a outside room thermostat with our system.

C. anti-frozen function

As long as the water, gas, electricity is switched on , whenever the temp. is lower than 5℃, boiler will start anti-frozen function automatically, to avoid frozen risk .

d. error codes

very easy to understand which components is in problem by reading the error code, meanwhile, when one of the heating temp. sensor is in problem, the boiler will still working normally by showing error code, as the 2nd tem. Sensor will still keep boiler working correctly and safe.

e. electricity saving

our boiler could optional to set the pump working full time or temporary , if set temporary working, could get more than 30% electricity saving

f. many safety protection and easy operation system

 there is protection for flame off, over heat, dry burning, low water pressure, low air pressure, and many safety function included, meanwhile, the end user’s could easily operate this boiler even without reading the user’s manual, as the instruction on display is quite easy understandable.