More attention should be paid to services in the development of Mercosur

2019-11-12 weinet 4

    With the rapid development of the southern wall hanging furnace market, many manufacturers and merchants are mainly focusing on the development of the sales market, and the service investment is inevitably lacking. Because the market is developing too fast, even small problems will be magnified, let alone after-sales service!

    The southern market is an emerging market of heating and wall hanging furnace. Most users buy the first wall hanging furnace and the first heating system. Without experience, irregular operation is easy to lead to mistakes in use. If you can not enjoy timely and efficient after-sales service, it will inevitably lead to a huge psychological gap, and negative word-of-mouth is inevitable.

  As a business, there should be a complete after-sales service system, and the service capacity should match the market scale. For some remote areas, sales should be done according to their ability. For those areas that cannot provide timely services, do not blindly sell, otherwise it will backfire As a manufacturer, the service support to dealers is more important. Combined with our situation, it is suggested that spare parts warehouse and training center should be brought to the market as far as possible. The support to dealers shall be "on call", and the training and support shall be "delivered to the door" in a timely manner.

  At the same time, the market planning and management should be done well, and the authorization of dealers should be ensured to check the service quality at any time within their service radius.