Wall mounted furnace saves gas and money

2019-11-14 weinet 6

   The wall mounted furnace operates slightly differently in summer and winter. The wall mounted furnace only provides domestic hot water when it is used in summer, while it can provide both domestic hot water and heating in winter. As a common heating equipment, how to use the wall mounted furnace is the most cost-effective or the most concerned topic for customers. In the actual heating process, how to save gas and make it comfortable? With the advent of winter, the problem of family heating has become a topic of concern for the people again. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people put forward higher requirements for the quality of life and living environment.

1. The temperature of domestic water for wall hanging furnace should not exceed 50 ℃, and the water temperature for bathing in winter is generally around 42 ℃, while that in summer is around 37 ℃. The anti scaling property of wall mounted furnace also determines that when the set water temperature of domestic water exceeds 50 ℃, the possibility of scaling will be greatly increased. The generation of scale will inevitably affect the heat exchange efficiency of the equipment.

2. Try to reduce the number of faucets to be turned on and off in the process of bathing. Because every time the hot water faucet is turned on and off, the boiler must be started once. Before the water temperature is heated to a suitable temperature again, the ordinary boiler needs at least 7 seconds. In this period of time, a lot of cold water will be wasted and gas will be wasted.

3. Do not heat the room too high when heating. According to statistics, heating the room to 19 ℃ consumes 10% more energy than heating it to 18 ℃.

4. Turn off or lower the temperature of the uninhabited room. 

5. It is not suitable to turn off the wall hanging furnace when there is no one at home in the daytime. Just adjust the temperature to the lowest level. Many office workers are used to turn off the wall hanging furnace when there is no one at home. After work, they put the wall hanging furnace in high-grade for rapid heating, which is very unscientific. After 9 hours of room cooling, due to the large temperature difference between the room temperature and the set temperature, the boiler needs to run in high fire, which will not save energy, but will waste more gas. The scientific method is to lower the temperature of the room slightly through the room temperature controller. If there is no room temperature controller, the heating temperature of the wall mounted furnace can be set to the lowest level directly, during which the boiler will burn intermittently with small fire to make up for the heat loss of the room. In this way, we can not only save energy, but also enjoy the warmth at home.

6. When entering the night state, the room temperature can be properly adjusted to 2-3 ℃ lower than that in the daytime, which is also conducive to energy conservation. 

7. The energy-saving companion using wall mounted furnace, such as room temperature controller, outdoor temperature sense, etc., can effectively save about 25% energy.

8. Pay attention to the maintenance of the wall hanging furnace: the wall hanging furnace is a complex equipment integrating water, electricity and gas. The scale and carbon deposition of the main heat exchanger will reduce the heat exchange effect. In order to prolong the service life of the wall hanging furnace and effectively save energy, the user should maintain the wall hanging furnace once a year. According to statistics, after the three guarantees period, if users pay attention to maintenance, they can save about 6% energy every year.  

   Mastering these wall hanging furnace saving tips, you can effectively reduce the cost while living a comfortable winter. Friends who have not mastered the wall hanging furnace saving tricks, come and have a look.