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The company participated in the 2009 China International HVAC Expo

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In order to better develop the market and improve the visibility of the company and products, after .....

In order to better develop the market and improve the reputation of the company and products, the company's leading group participated in the "2009 China International HVAC Expo" held in Beijing from February 25 to 27 after careful preparation and planning. Manager Mr. Sheng Xindong, technician Mr. Zeng Shouhong, sales manager Mr. Zhang Zhenghai and others attended the grand exhibition. At the exhibition, our company exhibited the newly developed 36KW high-efficiency and energy-saving condensing wall-hung boiler, European-style clamshell wall-hung boiler, and gorgeous large LCD screen wall-hung boiler. The exhibition has been fruitful. The company's products have attracted the attention of many merchants with the characteristics of stable performance, beautiful appearance and compact structure, and have been widely praised! Even with outstanding achievements, the company will still adhere to the tenet of customer first, make persistent efforts to improve quality, expand market, and strengthen service!