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Product features of dual-purpose water heater for heating and bathing

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The dual-purpose fast gas water heater for heating and bathing ......

The dual-purpose fast gas water heater for heating and bathing (referred to as the wall-hung boiler) developed by Zhongshan Carolli Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Focusing on European models, and combining with the use of wall-hung boilers in China in recent years, we have developed products that are more suitable for user needs. The basic design principles are safety-reliability-saving gas-convenience. Our company has repeatedly scrutinized all aspects of product design, such as the overall thinking, control principle, and component selection, and has carefully compared and achieved the most simple structure to achieve the best and reasonable results. The details are as follows: (1) Europeanized structural design of the main body of the product Heating - one machine for bathing. The heating system is equipped with an expansion tank for circulation under pressure, and the pipeline can be installed at a high position. It is easy to install, and the domestic hot water is completely isolated from the heating system, which conforms to European standards and is hygienic and clean. The product's overall dimensions and the selection of internal main components are consistent with the European model, which improves the overall reliability and ease of use of the product. (2) Fan system The fan motor adopts European-style shaded-pole two-speed motor, and the fan runs at low speed when igniting, making the ignition safer and more reliable. Automatically switch to high speed when the load is large, and automatically switch to low speed when the load is small, which improves the combustion efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and saves operating costs. (3) Main heat exchanger The main heat exchanger adopts the new type of composite casing welding in Europe in recent years. Compared with the early composite tube, this structure improves the thermal efficiency of bathing and reduces the overall structure of the product (no three-way valve and plate heat exchanger). And because of the special structure design, it has the function of easy descaling. The welding process of the main heat exchanger adopts brazing, which is consistent with the mainstream models in Europe, which improves the service life and combustion heat efficiency. (4) Burner The burner adopts the horizontal ejection slot type which is completely consistent with the European structure, the combustion flame height is low, the heat radiation is small, and the temperature of the product cover is reduced. (5) Proportional valve control, constant temperature hot water output The gas valve also adopts two series on-off valves and one proportional valve that are consistent with the mainstream models in Europe, which fully conforms to European standards. Due to the selection of the proportional valve jointly produced by Japan Shenling and China, the constant temperature control of the bath water is realized. The constant temperature speed and water temperature control accuracy of bath water are higher than the standards of developed countries. (6) Water pump The choice of the water pump is among the many varieties of Grundfos in Denmark, and a three-speed adjustable water pump with the largest pump cavity and an automatic air release valve is selected. It has the advantages of low running resistance, noiseless running, wear resistance, long service life, and the best relative exhaust effect, with a service life of more than 100,000 hours. (7) Heating water safety control The heating water circuit is controlled by water pressure main control, two thermistors plus a bimetal thermal relay for joint protection. Compared with some brands of wall-hung boilers that use water flow switch control, the design of our company's products has the advantages of low failure rate, low maintenance cost, and long service life. In addition, compared with the existing European models that use water pressure main control, bypass and a bimetal thermal relay for composite protection, the European models cannot solve the protection problem of the water pump not working well. The joint protection method designed by our company can not only solve the problem that the water pump does not work, but also solve the problem of effective protection in all abnormal situations when the heating water circuit is closed. Therefore, the control of the heating water circuit is safer, faster and more reliable. (8) Bath water control Bath water control adopts the combined control structure of magnetic water wheel Hall flow detection and water outlet valve. When the magnetic water wheel Hall element is used to control the water temperature in conjunction with the gas proportional valve, the opening of the proportional valve can be initially determined according to the water flow, which is beneficial to improve the temperature adjustment speed. The structure of the water wheel can also solve the situation that the water pressure is low in some areas and the differential pressure valve cannot be opened. The water outlet valve adjustment handle set at the bottom of the equipment is mainly used to solve the situation that the water pressure is too large and the water temperature cannot reach the set temperature. The control structure of the bathing waterway is the simplest and most effective way of the bathing system at present. (9) Electronic control system The electronic control system is the key to the stable and reliable operation of the wall-hung boiler. Our company adopts the microcomputer digital control circuit with imported chips from the United States. According to the practical application of the wall-hung boiler in the world in recent years, we have carried out a serious analysis and research, and developed a more advanced technology. It has the following characteristics: (a) Self-regulating function of heating load. The wall-hung boilers produced by our company have the function of automatically adjusting the temperature rise according to the size of the heating load. This method is different from the traditional European design. According to our repeated experiments and demonstrations in Dali under different users and different installation conditions, this method has the function of heating heating. Constant, especially in the case of poor installation of the heating water system, to ensure that the user's heating effect has its own unique design. (b) The equipment has its own time temperature controller and external temperature control interface, which makes the operation more gas-saving, more economical and more convenient. Because the product itself is designed with a time temperature control function, the user can pre-set the on-off time and temperature according to the working time of the day when using it. This can be achieved when there are people at home, the indoor temperature is required to be lower, and more gas is burned; when no one is at home, the room can be kept from freezing; when sleeping at night, the indoor temperature is required to be slightly lower than that during the day, and less gas is burned. . After the free choice of four time periods per day, the automatic control will help you use the wall-hung boiler to achieve the most cost-saving purpose. The product comes with a four-period time temperature controller, which is convenient for users and saves the cost of outsourcing time temperature controllers for users. According to the special requirements of customers, our company's products have an external time temperature controller interface, so that users can directly control the temperature in the room. (c) With automatic antifreeze function As long as the user presses the water, electricity and gas, when the temperature is lower than 5 ℃, no matter whether the machine is turned on or off, the machine will automatically start the antifreeze program to ensure that the equipment is not frozen. (d) It has the function of automatic fault display and unique fault intelligent operation function code display. The automatic fault display function (see the instruction manual for details) is very convenient for maintenance. Maintenance personnel generally do not need to manually judge the fault point, and can solve the fault only according to the code. The so-called fault intelligent operation function means that when a certain part of the machine fails, another part of the same type can automatically replace it and still ensure the operation of the equipment. For example, the heating outlet water temperature probe plays a very important role in temperature control when the wall-hung boiler is working. If it is damaged, the machine will not work, but heating is different from bathing. Heating is a work that cannot be stopped for a moment. Return water probe to replace its work. This replacement work is completely completed by the automatic conversion after the intelligent judgment of the main controller. In this way, when the water outlet probe is damaged, the return water probe can still ensure the operation of the heating state, which guarantees the rights and interests of the user to the greatest extent. (e) Special design for heating and electricity saving When the traditional European wall-hung boiler is in the heating state, the water pump works continuously 24 hours a day. The wall-hung boiler designed by our company has the special design function of heating and electricity saving, that is, during heating, the main button can automatically adjust the start and stop according to the heating and cooling state. Pump time, this unique design will save users more than 30% of electricity bills without affecting the heating efficiency. (f) Multiple security protection and the most convenient and simple operating system The product has multiple safety protection measures such as flameout protection, overheat protection, anti-dry protection, anhydrous low pressure protection, wind pressure protection, overpressure protection, etc., and at the same time has the most convenient and simple operating system. The operation of the product is based on humanized design, that is, any operation of the control panel by the user will not cause damage to the machine and cause unsafe hidden dangers; the user basically understands the meaning of the symbols on the operation panel, and the normal operation of the whole machine can generally be completed. In short, the wall-hung boilers produced by our company are a new generation of products developed on the basis of absorbing the advantages of wall-hung boilers in Europe and other countries in the world. After our repeated and sufficient tests and demonstrations, they are very suitable for users to purchase and use. Please care about your ideals product.