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Carlo Li: Strength is the foundation to climb to new heights

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Kaloric: Strength is the foundation, and climb to new heights——Zhongshan Kaloric Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Wall Hanging Furnace Monthly Reporter: Li Hua 

Zhongshan Kaluoli Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Kaluoli Company), established in 2003, has been in the Chinese wall-hung boiler market for 10 years. Events such as the explosive growth of the domestic wall-hung boiler market have endowed Carrolli with valuable experience. Kaloric is a professional company specializing in the development, sales and service of thermal energy products, specializing in the production of Kaloric gas bath heaters and other products, which are also exported to Europe, Asia and other countries and regions. The company also has experience in the actual production and application of more than 100,000 wall-hung boilers in China. The new wall-hung boilers launched by the company will be more suitable for China's national conditions and usage habits. Carrolli's product technology is constantly innovating. Based on the tenet of "quality-oriented, technology-based factory", the company is gradually establishing and improving a national customer service network to provide customers with fast and considerate pre-sale and sales services. In order to ensure the normal and long-lasting operation of the customer's heating system. The establishment and development of a company is like the growth process of a person. It will always go through some unforgettable hardships and trials, and these difficulties will also have a profound impact on the future development of the company. Fang Yipeng, the sales director of Kaloric Company, said frankly: "The initial stage is the most difficult time for Kaloric." He said: "As one of the earliest companies in China to develop and manufacture wall-hung boilers, Kaloric has fully experienced the It was difficult to develop customers when the domestic market was sprouting. At that time, the company's sales focused on export and OEM and ODM production. The financial turmoil occurred in 2008, due to the lag of the wall-hung boiler, it was not greatly affected that year. However, the company has Feeling the chill, I quickly changed the strategy and focused on the domestic market. The domestic wall-hung boiler market has developed rapidly in recent years, and the company has also grown to the scale it is today.” According to Mr. Fang, the sales volume of Kaloric has maintained an annual growth rate of 10% to 20%. In the first half of 2013, the overall sales of Kaloric was about 80 million yuan, an increase of about 30% compared with the same period of previous years. . However, some regional companies have not established a complete after-sales service system. At present, the company is actively developing blank areas, planning to establish a complete sales and after-sales team covering the whole country, broadening the sales network, improving the sales system, and establishing the Carrolli brand in the country. influence, and better promote the excellent products of Carloli to consumers all over the country. Taking quality and technology as the policy of establishing the factory Nowadays, the competition in the wall-hung boiler market is becoming more and more fierce, and the product itself has become one of the magic weapons. Kaloric has always been based on technology and quality, and has created a series of high-efficiency and energy-saving products. The company produces various types of wall-hung furnaces and modular furnaces from 18kW to 200kW. The company's products mainly refer to European models, and combined with the use of wall-hung boilers in China in recent years, we have developed products that are more suitable for users' needs. The basic design principles are safety, reliability, gas saving, and easy use. At present, the company has successfully developed condensing wall-hung boilers and electric wall-hung boilers, which will be fully introduced to the market at the right time. Quality is the "golden key" to open the market, and it is also the life of an enterprise. Excellent product quality is the pass for an enterprise to go to a broader market. Carrolli has repeatedly scrutinized and carefully compared all aspects of product design, such as the overall idea of ​​​​product design, control principle, and component selection, to achieve the most simple structure and achieve the best and reasonable results. The core personnel of production and testing are the old employees who accompanied the company all the way, and ensured every quality check for the products produced by Kaloric Company. Technological innovation is the soul of an enterprise's survival and development. Caloris continuously invests in research and development, including personnel and funds. Most of the wall-hung boiler technologies of Kaloric Company are self-developed technologies. Except for the special requirements of some foreign customers, the main controllers used in the company's products all use the controllers produced by Kaloric Company. China's wall-hung boiler market is developing rapidly, and market demand is one of the factors affecting the development of enterprises. Aiming at the affordable housing market and green building fields, Kaloli has developed a more energy-saving and economical solar-powered complementary gas wall-hung boiler, and has won the honorary title of "National Invention Patent" and "Zhongshan City Science and Technology Innovation". Award" title, access to state subsidies. In addition, for the southern heating market, the company has launched models with high-end configuration to meet market demand. In recent years, although the gas heating water heater industry has developed rapidly, consumers have various strong dissatisfaction when using gas heating water heaters for self-heating, and the after-sales service of gas heating water heaters has become a "stumbling block" for the development of the industry ". For the after-sales service of products, Kaloric has its own characteristics and coping strategies. First of all, the company insists on the versatility of product components from the beginning of the design, which fundamentally improves the stability of the product and reduces the frequency of after-sales service. Secondly, the company strives to establish a complete after-sales team in various places to ensure that the products can receive timely and effective after-sales maintenance services. As the "mobile business card" of Caloris - dealers and agents, the company will seriously consider their opinions and give the greatest help to the problems they encounter. Professional after-sales maintenance skills training allows each partner to master all aspects of maintenance skills and knowledge to solve problems faced by users during use. Facing the future development, Kaloli will adhere to the business policy of "customer-centered, quality-centered, long-term adherence to mutual benefit", and the concept of "operate with heart, keep making progress, and climb to new heights", steadfastly. Practical work, responsible for customers, considerate of customers, seek customers with integrity, survive with quality, people-oriented, strive to be customer first, market first, quality first, ride the wind and waves, and dedicate the company's high-quality and high-tech products to consumers. Mr. Fang said: "Looking at the future, our colleagues in the company will continue to work hard and hope to climb higher mountains."